Men’s shoes – the most fashionable colours this spring

Men’s shoes – the most fashionable colours this spring post thumbnail image

Many people decide to keep their accessories low-key to make them as universal as possible and expose the clothes. However, colourful shoes can actually do your outfit! Not to even mention standing out from the crowd. Check which colours are trending in spring 2021.

When entering the men’s section of the shoe stores, it’s hard not to notice the domination of the three colours – black, grey, and brown. These shades are undisputed classics, particularly when it comes to leather. It’s hardly surprising since they’re easy to combine with any colour or pattern. And as most people’s wardrobe is more extended than the shoe collection, choosing a universal pair becomes a priority in many cases.

 Colourful shoes, however, are becoming increasingly popular – and we’re not only talking about the sneakers, but also boots or loafers. Choosing a colourful variant can be the equivalent of selecting a vibrant shirt or trousers – but it’ll make you stand out even more.

Are you wondering which colours are the trendiest in the upcoming season? We’ve prepared a list.

#1 Forest green

Often, trends in interior design coincide with these in shoes & clothing. That’s one of these cases! The dark, deep green has been very popular in the latest season. It’s not as bland as black, but at the same time – classy and elegant. Remember that the texture often exposes the beauty of the colour – that’s how it is with forest green. It will look perfect combined with velvet or suede. Forest green looks good with beige or golden details – have it in mind when composing your outfit.

#2 Navy blue

Another color that has been trending both in the interior and fashion design in the recent season. Navy blue looks beautiful combined with the metal and golden details. Just as with forest green, you can make it bolder by choosing velvet or suede.

If you decide to choose brighter blue shades, for example, indigo or turquoise, consider combining it with an opposite one from the colour circle. In the case of blues, the complementary colour is orange. The closer to green your blue is, the more reddish the orange should be.

#3 Fluo mix

If you’re searching for something unique and eye-catching, consider buying multicolor shoes mens that combine different fluo colours, for example, pink and orange.  

You can also go for one-colour fluo pair. Yellow dress shoes mens will give your outfit a unique touch. They look great in a black or white suit. You can also combine it with navy blue since it’s the colour that faces yellow on the colour wheel.

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