Hermès Presents The Girl With The Black Bag


We don’t need to be sold on the latest Hermès bag, their collections fill our closets and tops the list of our favorite accessories. But their latest campaign, a fashion film titled, “The Girl with the Black Bag” is a sartorial suspense, that keeps us wondering, guessing—and thinking we need to grab their newest bag, the Simone.


The fashion film plays like the trailer of the latest blockbuster thriller, a story of mistaken identity, espionage, murder, and a wardrobe that would make any fashionista-cum-cinephile sit up and take notice. Watching the trailer, it pulls you into a dark criminal underworld, drawing your attention to the beauty of the bag, in subtle understated ways that mimic the design of the bag itself. It keeps you on the edge of your seat—Can she get away? Can she escape with her life? And perhaps most importantly—where can I get that bag?

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The Simone is quickly becoming a new favorite, an Hermès bag for a more modern, younger woman. There are no oversized Birkins or vintage-style Kellys here. It’s sleek, sophisticated and simplistic in its design without losing any of the little Hermès luxuries that we’ve come to love. Almost utilitarian in style, it includes a central zip, an adjustable leather shoulder-buckled strap and three central pockets—perfect for concealing all your criminal secrets.

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The bag is classically designed to look like old fashion children’s schoolbooks tied together with a belt. The piece intentionally plays on nostalgia while reinventing itself for a modern era. A blend of past and present, the bag works with so many different styles that it’s easy to see how the women in the film, while visually stylistic opposites, would both carry the same bag.

Styled under the arms, by the wrist or shoulder strap, it’s made for almost everything and anything you can throw at it. It’s large enough to carry all your necessities, small enough to wear as a clutch, and can be paired down with jeans or up with your favorite LBD. The breadth of its sartorial palette is likely what made the film’s criminals choose the piece, and why we’re choosing it too.

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