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The Path on How to Become a Jeweler

Jewelers are using their impressive finger and hand dexterity as well as eye-hand coordination to combine fashion consciousness as well as artistic ability. There is basically no hard or fast route on figuring out how to become a jeweler. There are many jewelers who pursue higher degree and get certification in the field while some others say that it is best to go straight to work. No matter what path you choose, you need to be patient, determined and committed in what you do to become a successful jeweler someday.

Say that you have all these three and serious to become known in the industry and want to know how to become a jeweler, then I recommend you to read the entire article.

Step number 1. Get yourself a GED or high school diploma – for any aspiring jewelers out there, it is imperative to have a high school diploma first or of the same degree before establishing your profession in such. Both trade schools and universities as well need it and at the same time, it is a big plus for your application on entry-level jewelry store.

Step number 2. Pursue advanced degree in the craft of jewelry making – establishing a career as jeweler does not always require advanced degree but many different trade schools and design schools are offering degree programs ranging from 6 to 12 months. Pursuing a degree in such can actually hone your knowledge and make you well-rounded of jewelry making or can help you decide for what specialization to take like metallurgy or design.

By taking the jeweler degree program, it will teach how to become a jeweler but aside from that, participants are going to discover as well other important things that go in the process from setting stones of varying sizes, repairing and making jewelry, train on grasping new technologies and other development in the industry etc.

Step number 3. Master the basics – you should consider looking to some of the most popular and highly sought after jewelers of today which can give you inspiration on how to become a jeweler. With research, you will be surprised for sure on how many of these successful jewelers are actually self-taught and honed their skills and broaden their expertise through experimentation. There are some jewelers who started their career by earning a degree in a different field and grow a jewelry business as their sideline.

If advanced degree in jewelry-making seems to not help you in any way of finding out on how to become a jeweler, why don’t you try your luck in making pieces at your own pace to see which works and which does not.

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