Tips on Protecting Your Car’s Engine

Most of the time, Jaguar owners don’t spend time thinking about their engines. They just suddenly notice one day that it makes some weird sounds or the car works different than it did before. This is when the search for a Jaguar garage in Dubai begins.

To prevent expensive repairs in the future, you need to ensure that your engine is looked after on a regular basis. It must also undergo regular maintenance to keep it in excellent running condition.

The following are some tips on how to make your engine run better and last longer:

  • Oil Change – It is cliche, but changing the oil on a regular basis is by far one of the most essential things you can do for your engine. Oil keeps the important engine parts well lubricated so that they won’t overheat. The engine can’t function without it and if you go too long between oil changes, it can permanently damage your engine over time.
  • Check the Cooling System – This system includes the thermostat, radiator, coolant and water pump. By far, the easiest way to protect the engine from overheating is through ensuring that you have the right amount of coolant circulating throughout the engine.

By taking your car to a car service center for a checkup, you can rest assured that your cooling system will always be in tiptop condition, especially during the summer months.

  • Take a Look at the Air Filters – When changing the oil, don’t neglect the air filters. It is important to keep them clean to ensure that the engine breathes properly. If necessary, have the filters replaced to keep the engine running smoothly and shield it against all those bugs and other road debris that end up on the front bumper.
  • Check for Leaks – It is wise to check under the hood to see or smell something leaking from the engine. When parking, check under the car occasionally to see if anything is leaking onto the pavement below. By relying on a Jaguar service center, the problem will be solved in no time.
  • Fill Up the Gas Before It Gets Too Low – Gasoline comes with a certain amount of sediment which settles to the bottom of the gas tank. In the event that the sediment gets through the fuel filter, it can get into the engine and result in internal damage. It puts debris in areas where it shouldn’t be and causes the fuel system and other engine parts to work harder. This is why experts recommend keeping a half-talk of fuel at all times.
These are just some of the top tips on how to ensure that your Jaguar engine will perform at its best no matter the season.