Common Warning Signs of Failing Car Brakes

Properly functioning car brakes are vital when it comes to safe driving. When your brakes need repaired, never hesitate to get them fixed. A single moment of traction loss could mean hospital time or worse. Worn out brakes is not a situation to be taken lightly. As soon as you know your brakes are not in optimal condition, bring your car into the shop for inspection and repair. Continue reading to familiarize yourself with the common signs that mean it’s time for brake service.

Detecting Bad Brakes

There are a number of signs that foreshadow brake repair, and the most common ones are the easiest to detect. When you are driving, do you feel the steering wheel shake? A steering wheel that wiggles could be a sign of brake problems. If the steering wheel jiggles back and forth every time you come to a stop, then this is a sign of worn out rotors. Rotors don’t need to be changed as often as pads, but should still be replaced every few years. It is suggested to have your brake rotors changed every three times your brake pads are replaced.

When it comes to brake pads, another observable sign of brake damage is high pitched squeaking. When your car squeals anytime you apply pressure to the brake pedal, this could be an indication of bad brake pads. The squeaking sound comes from a piece on the actual brake pad that gets exposed once the pad is worn down enough. When this indicator is exposed, it’s time to replace the pads. To be safe, they should be changed within two to three weeks, otherwise you could fail to make a stop at any moment.

If you begin to notice it takes more time to come to a complete stop in your vehicle, this means you have worn through the indicators on the brake pads. This is another common sign of brake mal-function. This is a serious sign that requires immediate attention. It is extremely dangerous to drive with defective ir failing brakes, especially in bad weather. If you begin to notice any signs that are similar to the ones just discussed, then please bring your vehicle into a licensed auto repair shop right away. Never risk your life or someone else’s by driving on unreliable brakes.